• DC Power cable 6 Conductor

    Part Number: 123-410
    In stock: 4217

    This DC power trunk cable provides power from a shelter to a radio location for typical applications such as LTE and 5G. This mutli conductor cable is TC-ER: 6 Conductor - 8 (7X) AWG tinned CU conductors with PVC-Nylon insulation, overall shield with...


  • Power Cable Ericsson

    Part Number: 123-RPM777298-10M
    In stock: 25

    Power Cable Ericsson RPM777298/10000


  • RRU Power Connector 2 Conductor 10 AWG with EasyBoot

    Part Number: 123-RNT44719-001
    In stock: 16

    Power connector for Ericsson RRU. This is a 2 pole 10 AWG outdoor rated connector that features a zinc shell construction, provides EMI shielding, is shock & vibration resistant, and uses screw termination contacts making it well suited for field in...


  • Shielded Power Cable 2 Conductor 10 AWG 300M

    Part Number: 123-TFL492324-300M
    In stock: 10

    Shielded Power cable 2 conductor 10 awg 300 Meters. Halogen free, shielded and flexible connecting cable for use in telecom equipment where there are requirements for low inductance and good temperature resistance. Suitable in areas that require hig...




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