Weather Tape

  • Butyl Rubber and PCV Tape kit

    Part Number: 123-151-Kit
    In stock: 176

    6 rolls Butyl, 1 roll PCV 2", 2 rolls PVC 3/4" (QTY 6) 123-151 Butyl Rubber Tape 1.5mm x 63.5mm x 600mm (QTY 2) 123-153-BLACK Vinyl Electrical Tape 19mm x 18.3m x 0.177mm (QTY 1)123-152 PVC Electrical Tape 0.19mm x 50mm x 6m


  • PVC electrical tape 3/4 IN x 60FT X.007 IN UL Approved

    Part Number: 123-153-BLACK
    In stock: 44

    123-153-BLACK is an abrasion-resistant tape that provides electrical and mechanical protection with the combination of an aggressive rubber-resin adhesive and an elastic PVC backing. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, this tape is also flame-...


  • Self-Amalgamating Silicon Rubber Tape 1.5" x 15 ft

    Part Number: 123-150-15-BLACK
    Out of stock Lead Time 21 days

    • Insulation sealing for communications cable connections, pipeline protection remedy and water-proof sealing. • Operating Temperature -40°C to 90°C. • Highly conformable, high- voltage insulating tape provides excellent thermal dissipation of spli...




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