RF and Fiber Cable Solutions

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Flexible and Super Flexible RF Jumpers

123eWireless manufactures pre-made RF jumpers in California that may be picked up or shipped up to 7PM the same day 7 days a week. Our assemblies are soldered and over molded to insure the best performance and protection against the elements. We offer two styles of EasyFit™ installation assemblies, Flexible and Super Flexible. Both types of jumpers may be configured upon request with a variety of connectors including 7/16, N, male, female or male right angle. There is little or no lead time for a requested configurable assembly regardless of length.


Each assembly is optimized to produce low passive third order intermodulaton. Assembly PIM test performance averages -160dBc

Return Loss

Each assembly is swept for return loss. Refer to the chart above for the average return loss for the frequency range.

Phase Match (optional)

Super flexible cables may be ordered as phase matched. Phase matched cables are measured in phase degrees at a customer specified frequency level. These cables are manufactured to precise lengths and are electrically tested to be identical.

AISG Assemblies

123eWireless designs and manufactures AISG compliant RET solutions for all interface applications. Our products range from OEM specified cables to surge protection and hardware. 123eWirelss offers standard RET cable assemblies 1/4 meter to 500 meters. Used by OEMs and telecommunication carriers, 123eWireless standard RET cables have 8 pin male to 8 pin female AISG compliant connectors. In addition to the standard configuration, 123eWIreless offers EasyConfig™. EasyConfig™ assemblies allow customers the option to configure an assembly to their unique application. These configurations are: male, female, male 90°, female 90°, and length of cable.

123eWireless RET cables are AISG version 1.1 and 2.0 compliant. Our cables are made in America and compatible with Andrew, Kathrein, Huawei, Powerwave, RFS, and many others.

Xtreme Weather™ RET Assembly

123eWireless’s fully integrated extreme weather RET assembly is an enhanced configuration allowing system stability in harsh environments where oils, chemicals, cold weather, and moisture are present.

Ultra Flexible

123eWireless offers cold weather RET cables perfect for temperatures below -40°C.The outer jacket is flexible Polyurethane.

Corrosion Resistance

123eWireless’s patent pending design encapsulates the contacts of our AISG connectors and adds a mating face gasket. This enhanced design provides insulation protection and corrosion resistance in harsh wet environments.

Fiber Solutions

123eWireless offers an array of Fiber cable solutions. Both preterminated and bulk cable is available for same day shipping. Single Mode, Multi Mode, Simplex and Duplex are available as jumper cables and patch cables.

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